Web Design Services

Your web design project is important. To you and to us. When you opt to work with us on your web project we start by discussing your specific goals for your website and then build a strategy that will meet your objectives.

We utilize the Joomla framework, a content management software, to build and joomlamanage the sites we provide to our clients. Joomla is a stable, dynamic application that offers a wide range of functionality. It is a scalable platform which means that you can control your initial investment and develop your site over time if you choose to.

The Joomla platform affords you the ability to manage the content of your website in house if you prefer to. The management interface is designed to be user friendly with no need for web design knowledge. If you can create a document in Word, you can create content in Joomla.

We also provide website management plans for our clients that prefer not to manage their own website.


Website Packages

Because our webdesign program is so flexible we offer just one standard package and then customize that plan just for you. Every client starts with the Pro Start and grows from there.

Frequently Asked Questions

We believe that every client should have a professional website from day one. With a solid foundation you never have to start over again. Many of our clients are start ups with limited budgets. We want them to start out on the right foot and our Pro Start lets them do just that. When they're ready to add enhanced functions, the site is ready for it.

(see above right column)The Pro Start Package gives you a full featured website with room to grow. You decide if that growth comes now or later.

With the Pro Start you get a scalable, professional, custom designed Joomla based website with a user friendly management interface.

The Pro Start includes 3-10 pages of information and basic functionality.

The Pro Start Package is offered at a turn key rate of $795.  During our initial consultation we will discuss the options you desire and whether they can be incorporated into the Pro Start.  If you want/need additional functions not covered by the Pro Start, we will provide a custom quote from the base rate.  Some of our clients choose a long term development approach that allows them to take a budgeted approach to development without skimping on the the professionalism of the foundation.

It depends on the features or functions you choose and what level of involvement we have in the process. With the Joomla framework you can actually add new functions and content yourself without having to pay for additional development at all! We have many clients that turn to us to create a solid basic Joomla website and they take the ball and run from there. We treat every client as the individual that they are. The bottomline is that you are in control.

Yes, there is a monthly hosting and tech support fee. Your monthly rate depends on your particular project and the level of support we will provide. We will discuss that when we work on your website development plan.

We understand that you may want us to manage your Joomla website for you and we have packages available for you. The management rate will depend on how often your site needs to be updated and what type of updates are needed. Let's talk about it.

Our Pro Start Package pricing is based on you providing the images and content necessary to build your website. (including logo) We do offer graphic and content development services if you need help.

Once we receive the content and images for your site we are typically able to have your site ready for launch within one week. Ultimately, the final approval on site design is yours. The average site takes 2 to 3 weeks when content and images are available.

We take support very seriously and will go the extra mile to help you when you need it.  Clients that opt for full service tech support get the cell phone number of their project manager. We place great importance on your website working properly at all times and want to be accessible to you when you need us.

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