AllCore Technology is based in South Georgia and serves clients and partners nationwide.  We take pride in providing personalized solutions to our clients that extend beyond simple web design.  We are a solutions organization dedicated to seeking out and employing the most suitable solution for the needs of each of our clients.  We incorporate a marketing approach to every project and we expect targeted results from our work. 

Some of our existing solutions include Joomla expert web design, search engine optimization, e-commerce delievery systems, SEO planning/management, business technology strategy consultation and social media strategy.  Our clients are typically companies that have the desire to achieve a tangible return on investment when considering their long term online marketing approach.


Our Team

Jannis Paulk - Executive Project Manager

Jannis PaulkJannis opened the doors of AllCore Technology in 2006 as a full service web design company.  Since that time she has seen the company grow in personnell, methodology, technique and delivery.  Staying up to date with the latest technologies requires diligence, constant learning and adaption.  To maintain a cutting edge approach for AllCore clients, Jannis has incorporated the use of social media marketing and SEO tactics while continuing to providing expert Joomla design solutions.


A note from Jannis...

I appreciate your interest in AllCore Technology and  hope that we'll have an opportunity to work together (if we aren't already!)  I have great value for each of my clients and consider it a privilege to be invited to help a business reach their internet technology and marketing goals.

Although I pride myself on being a capable, creative web designer, my greatest strength as your web partner actually comes from years of business management and entrepreneurialism.  My corporate experience includes comprehensive business management, P&L control, marketing, auditing, training, mentoring and consultation.

I am an advocate for and staunch supporter of the very concept of small business and I believe in the American Dream!

If you are an entrepreneur looking for guidance and growth opportunity I highly recommend the book "The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur" as a guide and motivator for taking your business to the next level.  If you are an entrepreneur, small business or corporate representative seeking a solution to grow your business using internet technology then I highly recommend you consider a free consultation with us to see how we can help you reach your goals.


Thanks for visiting, I look forward to talking with you!




Justin Peters - Project Support and Development Director

justin_petersJustin comes to AllCore Technology with a diverse background in business and the service industry.  His propensity for all things electronics made him a perfect fit for the Project Support team and his service industry qualities provide the perfect blend of personality and understanding that is important to the AllCore standard of business.

In addition to providing technical support and development on all projects, Justin is often the frontline point person for new clients.

Justin is a travel loving, free spirit that vows to travel the nation and experience the world one day.  In the meantime, we have great expectations for Justin and believe that you will find him forward thinking and ready to help you take your internet strategies to the next level.


A note from Justin...

I'm focusing on SEO practices at the moment and determining ways to help our clients get the most out of their web presence.  If your site isn't working as hard as you do to support your business then give me a call and let's see what we can do to change that!

Until I hear from you I'll be right here gathering up the latest skills and tricks to make it all happen!



In addition to our core team, we employ the services of a group of talented contractors and technology partners to achieve the specific goals of our clients.   Our contractors and tech partners work only with AllCore personell and all completed work is reviewed thouroughly by us before being presented to our clients.  If you are a Joomla freelancer or developer, a PHP programmer or SEO strategist interested in partnering with AllCore Technology, please contact us to discuss the opportunities we may have available for you.


Plant TelecommunicationsWe are proud to maintain a partnership with Plant Telecommunications as a provider of web design, internet technologies and tech support services.  Plant Telecommunications is a highly respected telecommunications company based in Tifton, Ga.   They provide phone, television, internet, web design and hosting services.